This is just a pager of links I used for Netbootcd -

gpxe replaced with ipxe but this is a cool video from google talks-gPXE: Modern FOSS Network Booting. gpxe can have a boot script built in with Rom-o-matic gpxe can be used to boot from http

Etherboot boot rom

Memdisk syslinux ramdisk

syslinux very cool loader has a lot of info.

Links I used for the kexec boot scripts. Using kexec to booting grub4dos info grub4dos grub4dos grub4dos chainloading mem

grub menu example

grub4dos can be used to load an iso from local disk and mapping it from ram Note: once the new kernel(dos) loads the iso is gone.

kexec-loader: this looks cool but I found netbootcd first.

kexec example of booting an iso from grub4dos ramdisk:

cp /mnt/sr0/boot/grub.exe ./
kexec -l grub.exe --initrd=TinyCore.iso --append="--config-file=map --mem (rd)+1 (0xff); map --hook; root (0xff); chainloader (0xff)"

You can use a boot loader to boot from a remote system.


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