Wasting time with licensing

I emailed Mr. Zero about one of his bands. In the attached email he asked me not to market or include a link to the band. This makes it hard to put this reply in context.

My Children and I have enjoyed the free album. I hope to hear this band on the radio. Drop me a line if you want to know the name of the band, Nicholas.A.Schembri A T bamboofields.net.

Feedback from Billy Zero

I do not want to take things out of context but I feel this email was to the point.

Feb 7, 2012 at 2:01 PM, billy Zero <bil(email address removed)> wrote:

    I'm a Grammy trustee, interface with all the top people. 
    the only time you have to worry is if it's a major label band. 
    the RIAA is not fighting for the Indie Bands, 
    i can talk to you for HOURS about that, i speak on panels, even speaking at SXSW on social items 
    when a band at a site gives you a download, it's a download, 
    the Illegal stuff is when you are going to Bit Torrent sites or people are posting songs from Major label bands on their own site for download. 
    if you children go an download the new Maroon 5, the new Madonna, without paying, then yes, you could have an issue and your ISP may notify you as such, 
    independent bands give their music away for exposure. 
    for a number or reasons we don't get into posting licenses. 
    it's really simple in fact,,,
    if you donwload music that is posted for free you are safe.
    even from a major label band as they do it sometimes as well, they just post the rules.
    but you should never post music that is not yours for download on any 3rd party site, 
    the band has that authority, 
    if you are truly just downloading music for your children, and you are not posting anywhere for others to download or trying to sell it, market the music or distribute the music than you have nothing to worry about. 
    Billy Zero
    Zero MGMT
 ( phone Number removed)


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